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Immigrant Integration

Empowering New Americans

All Asian American immigrants deserve a chance to achieve their dreams in America. With 70 percent of 1.3 million Asian New Yorkers being foreign-born, AAF is committed to providing Asian immigrants with opportunities to learn skills that allow them to thrive and integrate easily into American life.

AAF provides resources for new Americans to acquire expertise such as job skills, English language classes, workshops for parents and children, and training to improve physical and mental wellness, to help them assimilate into, and navigate, American life smoothly.

We also ensure that elected officials, policymakers, and the media are aware of emerging needs within the immigrant community; lead efforts to strengthen data collection to track changes within the community, and hold policymakers accountable when new Americans are targeted or discriminated against because of their immigration status.

Latest Research

Hidden in Plain Sight: Asian Poverty in New York City (2018)
NYC’S Economic Engine: Contributions & Challenges of Asian Small Businesses (2016)


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